Probably the best holiday in my life. After my hectic life in Paris, it was a perfect retreat for me and my family. It was great getting 'away from things' and spend quality time. JF and family, Paris

Burma / Myanmar - Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago
is in the far South of Myanmar (Burma) and is part of the Tanintharyi Region. It consists of more than 800 islands, varying in size from very small to hundreds of square kilometers, all lying in the Andaman Sea off the western shore of the Malay Peninsula near its landward (Northern) end where it joins the rest of Indochina. Occasionally the islands are referred to as the Pashu Islands because the Malay inhabitants are locally called Pashu. Geologically, the islands are characterized mainly by limestone and granite.

They are generally covered with thick tropical growth, including rainforest, and their shorelines are punctuated by beaches, rocky headlands, and in some places, mangrove swamps. Offshore are extensive coral reefs. The archipelago's virtual isolation from most of mankind's influence on the natural environment has given the islands and the surrounding waters of the Andaman Sea a great diversity of flora and fauna, contributing to the region's growing popularity as a diving destination.

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  Map of Mergui Archipelago Burma Myanmar

If you want to discover one of the last frontiers Burma / Myanmar is the place to go.
We have many years experience visiting Mergui Archipelago.
There is great Scuba Diving for experienced divers to be found.

Go there before it might be too late.
On our last trip, we did not see another boat for one week.

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