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We have been in Thailand many times and thought we know all about the beauty of this Kingdom. But being on a boat, discovering every day new sites beats all previous holidays by far. Fun, Fun, Fun! Rene, Berlin

Thailand's West Coast - the Andaman Sea

No matter if you have been already to Thailand or since long time you plan to go, be assured: it is one of the best places to spend your holiday in South East Asia.

Enoy famous Thai hospitalite, cuisine and a stunning scenery. This is particularly true when hiring your own private yacht. You can access places far away from mass Tourism, indulge in Snorkeling, Kayaking, Scuba Diving or just go for a swim or beachcombing on unhabitated island.

Discover caves, mangrooves and tropical forest and this all from your own floating hotel. Everyday you wake up in a new, stunning destination.

All at your own pace and interests
We tailor your dream trip to your interests and your pace. Relax on deck, sip your favourite drink, listen to your favourite music, read a book, play backgammon, go beachcombing on beaches which only belong to you.

  Yachting Boat Trips in Phuket

Some possible destinations
There is so much to discover. Have a look yourself, here some suggestions for the holiday of your lifetime.
Sailing trip to Phee Phee Phuket
There are six islands in the group known as Phi Phi. They are about 50 km south-east of Phuket and are part of a National Park. A stunning place worth to visit.
Sailing Yach Phang Nga Phuket Thailand
Phang Nga Bay has 42 islands. It looks a bit like a ferrytale scenery with its limestone formations, caves and beaches. Just imagine James Bond island and you got the picture.
Sail Ko Muk Emerald Cave
Ko Muk is famour for the Emerald Cave.
Take your snokerling gear or a kayak and after a short trip trough a cave you will find a perfectly secluded lagoon.
Sail and Dive Similan Islands Phuket Thailand
There are a total of 9 islands. The sea in the area has an average depth of 60 feet. Underwater it is full of rock formations, corals an vibrant marine life. Perfect for Scuba.
Boating Daytrip Phuket to Racha Island
Raja Yay is about 12 km south of Phuket and offers good snorkeling and scuba diving.
Raja Noi is further away; a combination of both islands is a great weekend retreat.
Yacht Rental Krabi and Rallay Beach
The province South of Phuket is noted for its outstanding natural beauty. The are limestone peaks, both on the land and sea. Great beaches and a relaxed party scene you find in Ralley.
Sail Turatao and Ko Lipe
Tarutao National Marine consists of 51 islands which are scattered from 20 to 70 kilometres distance. The southern most end of the Park lies to the border with Malaysia.
Yachtcharter to Ko Rok Nok and Ko Ha
The twin islands are 30 km south of Lanta. Very nice and protectd anchorage.
Ko Ha is great for scuba diving. You can safely explore a large cave while diving.

There is such a different Thailand to be discovered on your private sailing yacht.
Get the most out of your holidays in Asia.

The further you go South you will discover "a Phuket" like 20 years ago.

Overview Thailand
Daycharter around Phuket
Phi Phi Island
Phang Nga Area
Ko Muk, Ko Kradan
Similan, Ko Bon, Richelieu
Raja Islands
Krabi, Ralley Beach
Turatao, Lipe, Butang
Rok Nok, Ko Ha
Other countries
Trip to Malaysia, Langkawi
Burma, Mergui Archipelago
India, Andaman Islands
Philippines, sail and dive

Sail and Scuba Dive El Nido, Coron, Busubanga, Palawan

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